Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to this crazy mess!

The girls' school was cancelled for the day (and already cancelled for tomorrow too) - and then... in a surprise move - Compassion closed down the offices too!

It was official... SNOW DAY!

Which meant this happened with the quickness!

These 3 had an absolute blast out back! The wind was CRAZY so the snow drifts were deep!

And then this nonsensical lunatic went out for his Run For Brighton 5k in some waist deep drifts...

Which got him some kinda odd looks out on the streets AND at home!

After some fun board game time - the whole family hit the front and spent about two hours digging the driveway out.

The neighborhood may still be impossible to get out of (we don't get our streets plowed - cars are stuck all over the place!) - but our little section of the 'hood is accessible!

Finally - the clouds and snow cleared out and gave way to a gorgeous evening!

Guys - here's to an awesome first snow day of the season!

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