Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Book For Me!

Mebbie came rushing up to me tonight with some of her awesome art in her hand and said:

"I made a book for you daddy!"

She thrust a freshly designed book into my hands entitled "A book about the best daddy ever"

I looked at the dope artwork, read the title and asked, "Mebbie - who is this book about?"

With a smile that could swallow her entire face she said "YOU DADDY! It's a book I wrote about YOU!"

So we proceeded to read it...

The cover is ALL Mebbie... the girl loves to draw.

"A book aobawt the best daddy ever!"

"This Daddy werket at Cumpation. He loved his famalle. And his famalle loved him to."

"This daddy worked at Compassion. He loved his family and his family loved him too."

"This famalle loved thar Daddy so much. Werket so hard. Thae wantid to do sumthng for him! So thae made a book for him."

"This family loved their daddy so much. He worked so hard. They wanted to do something for him! So they made a book for him."

"And thae gave it to thar Daddy! Thae livd happy ever after. The End."

"And they gave it to their Daddy! They lived happily ever after. The End."

Nope... I simply do not deserve to be loved like this by this amazing, gorgeous, smart and loving little girl.

But I'll take it!

Mebbie - this book trumps any New York Times Bestseller that ever has been or will be in the future! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Rachel said...

Just wondering if you are going to finish recapping your recent Ethiopia trip. My daughter is from Ziway and we sponsor her brother at the Life Song school there - I wondered if that was one of the schools you visited.

Nicole said...

You guys look a like in this photo!! Wow... Love and God is amazing and loving God is what makes you and your family Amazing.