Friday, December 25, 2015


So many different traditions and ways of celebrating this time of year...

And while we have had a TON of FUN with things like our elf (Ralph) who visits nightly, our own Zechie Elf doing silly pictures, the mysterious tradition of Santa Clause, cookies, lights and small gifts...

There is only one reason we are celebrating this season.


This birth means nothing if the subsuquent death and resurrection never occurred. But it did.

And that's exactly why this celebration of a baby born means a LOT to those of us who believe what we believe.

Confused on it all? I was too. For like 34 years.

Holler at anybody in our family if ya ever have doubts or questions ya feel like ya can't ask - we love to talk about the saving grace He gave us all.

However you celebrated this day - I hope the ridiculously undeserved yet saving love and grace of Jesus was felt abundantly by you and yours.


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