Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Little Children...

There's a reason Jesus encouraged us to be more like children.

To pray like them.

To have faith like them.

To come to Him like them...

This crazy group of cousins haven't seen each other in like 2 years or more...

When they got together today - ya know what happened?

AWESOMENESS... that's what!

No complaining about the distances between them...

Not even a single acknowledgment of the fact that their skin shades cover the full spectrum of beauty...

Nope... just hugs, squeals and tons of playing.

As it should be.

As He wishes we all would be.

Dope little cousins... thanks for being so awesome.

Adults around the world - let's try to be more like the kids in our lives.

The world will thank us for it!

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