Thursday, December 3, 2015

These Hearts

Yesterday - this little dude right here broke a toy that belonged to...

this girl right here while she was at school.

When they got home - this girl right here heard about what happened and disappeared for a bit only to return and hand this note right here to Meron:

"Meron, I am sorry your toy broke.

Love, Mebbie."

She didn't bash her brother. She didn't hang him out to dry. She just said she was sorry for her sister.

And wrapped up in that letter was $5 dollars from Mebbie's own piggy bank.

She wanted to buy Meron a new toy... to replace the one that Z-Dogg had broke.

I do not know how this little girl's gigantic heart fits inside her tiny frame.

And then Meron declined the money - not wanting her sister to pay for her broken toy...

God built these kids special.

I get to live in a house with three very unique little goofballs who teach me something new about living and loving EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Thanks so much, Little Hoffmans. You guys are something else...

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