Wednesday, January 20, 2016

8 Years of Healing...

8 years ago - almost to this day - our hearts started the long, slow, painful process of healing.

See - that was the day God delivered a prescription - to be taken daily - in the form of that gorgeous little picture up there.

It's crazy... the fullness of the circle.

Brighton had just died... and Laura and I were out HERE in Colorado.

Her for work.

Me... to tag along and snowboard and lose myself on the slopes cuz the pain was still really real...

And then... while out here - God flipped the script on us - switched up all we thought we were doing - and showed us OUR DAUGHTER.

And the healing began...

I think the prescription was "take daily... for life."

This girl still heals me on an every single day basis.

I pull the Jeep in the driveway - hit the garage door opener - and almost every single day - that inside garage door comes flying open and she is sprinting out to the driveway as if she hasn't seen me in years.

She healed my heart.

She continues to heal me and grow me every single day.

Thank you God... for this medicine I could have never found anywhere else - but through You.

I love you, Meron!

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