Thursday, January 28, 2016

Celebrating Laura

Tonight - we took this awesome, incredible, amazing, loving, caring, smoking hot mommy out to celebrate her birthday!

First we hit up a Mexican restaurant to get some of mommy's favorite food...

Next - it was home for a little singing a some cake eating!

We all had some gifts to give mommy...

to thank her for being such an AWESOME mommy and best friend!

I was a wee bit jealous at her hand of gift cards she scored!

Seriously though... we are SO blessed by this gorgeous girl in our lives.

Of course we had to bust out a few rhymes...

I can barely find words to describe this here girl,
All I know is she makes up my whole entire world;

She's clever, she's smart, she's silly and funny,
She keeps us on budget, she's good with the money;

She faced down some sickness and scared it away,
And because of that fight she's much stronger today;

She's the best kind of mommy, the best kind of wife,
I'm the luckiest dude cuz this girl's in my life;

She's my biggest cheerleader - always has my back,
And if her family's under fire - she's known to attack;

If I'm honest - I'll say it - I simply adore her,
I'm so thankful that God breathed His life into Laura;

And speaking of God - I can only imagine,
How big He smiles when He sees her compassion;

And the heart that He gave her to model His own,
Has a passion for Him and to help Him be known;

She's caring, she's loving, outside and within,
When I see her I feel like I see Him with skin;

I'm sure that when Brighton pulls back the clouds for a look,
He's so proud of his mom's life and the direction it took;

Because I know that I am - daily I stand in awe,
And I'm blessed - cuz through her it was Him that I saw;

I do not deserve her, we all know that's true,
But today - my best friend - I'm so thankful for YOU.

Laura... thanks so much for who you are - how you raise our kids - how you love God first and let that love translate to the most amazing love for our family...

I am SO SO BLESSED AND LUCKY to be able to cruise through life beside you.

Happy birthday, best friend.

I love you more than you know...

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