Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Character Builder of the Quarter

We got the email one night from Mebbie's teacher saying:

"You guys are coming to the assembly tomorrow, right? Mebbie is getting THREE awards! We never give out three awards!"
Uh... HECK YEAH we'll be there!

Seeing our humble little Mebski Love walk up to accept awards (only ONE in each grade got 'em!) in Art, Music and the biggie... Character Builder of the Quarter - just about brought tears to my eyes.

Every time one of the goofballs accomplishes something big - I am reminded of all they have overcome to be where they are.

And I am reminded of just how BIG and LOVING and CARING our God is...

The stuff they read about Mebbie before giving her the Character Builder award was just great... and so Mebbie! Her awesome teacher sent it to us so we could save it - here's what they said:
Mebbie is a good example of a quiet leader. She is kind and considerate to her classmates and other people. Mebbie is always eager to help others. She always puts others before herself. Mebbie always is aware of others around her and makes sure no one feels left out.

She goes out of her way to be kind to others or make them feel special. Mebbie is one of the kindest most thoughtful students in First Grade.

She is just overall amazing and greatly deserves to be Character Builder of the Quarter for First Grade.
Okay... I may be partial cuz - ya know - she's part of the family - but I couldn't agree more with all of this!

Mebrate... you are one amazing little girl and your whole entire family is SO PROUD OF YOU!

Keeping shining for Him, Mebbie. Keep shining...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing work Mebbie, she is truly special.