Monday, January 18, 2016


Meron woke up at 7:00 am this morning counting down the hours until her "best friend forever" was coming over to the house for an afternoon hang out session.

Man... there couldn't have been a better day for me to look outside and see these two hanging out on the porch... laughing, smiling, singing, playing together...

Kids just get it. They just do. They're so much better at life in general than us adults are.

For some - probably for a lot - this was just another 3-day weekend. Last one before Spring Break, right?

But for this house - this is a big deal weekend.

We've spent a lot of time talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream, his fight, the challenges he was up against. How much has changed since then... and how little has changed too.

Our kids get that MLK Jr. is one of the reasons our family can be like it is and walk around without prejudice and ugliness.

So we lift him up this weekend. We pray about him. Prayers of gratitude and prayers for the future of our country and world as the dreams he had have made progress but have so far to go still.

Check out the goofballs below in the video - quoting Dr. King and some of his famous words - and also issuing us a challenge to put some action behind our words...

Thank you for Dreaming, Martin Luther King, Jr. Your dreams have afforded us our dreams... and we're forever grateful.

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Katherine said...

Those amazing words. Those wonderful children. My heart swells.