Monday, January 4, 2016

Her Jawbone Up

This girl right here...

I mean - we knew from day one she was no ordinary little girl... but she certainly keeps on confirming it for us!

What ordinary 8 year old asks for THIS for Christmas?

A Jawbone UP2.

It's a fitness tracker - a lot like a Fitbit - that tracks her activity and her steps and her distance and her sleep patterns.

Not normal... I know.

And today... she was PUMPED!

Here - lemmee show ya what she did...

That's 11,387 steps and 4.9 miles!

And after this picture - she kept walking around the house til she got an even 5.0 miles!

She's already got some OCD Runner in her (I can relate girl...)

Meron... I am so proud of you girl.

I pray you take this love of staying fit and active with ya all the way through life.

It's SOOOO good for you!

Stay fit... and stay crazy girl!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow. Absolutely amazing. Now I'm gonna bring out my fitbit and start to put it to use again.
Thanks Meron for the inspiration! It goes to show that even the smallest people can make an impact and be an inspiration to others! She has certainly inspired me today!