Sunday, January 31, 2016

Seeking Forgiveness... Again

We had just put the goofballs down for bed when I came back upstairs and saw this sitting on the kitchen counter.

It was an "invitation" to a show that Meron and her minions were going to put on... and when I saw it - my stomach dropped.

It said:

"We are doing a show at 7:40. Come please."

About an hour earlier she had come to me with the idea of another show - and I had squashed it.

So many valid reasons in my head - so close to bed time, so much to do... yada yada yada...

But then I saw this... and the effort she had put into it... and her distance when I kissed her in bed now made a lot more sense to me.

And I tell ya - I am forever grateful for the Spirit in my heart - because right then it nudged me and said "You know what you have to do... dad."

And I did know... but I had a million reasons not to.

No time. School needed finishing. Had to finish the talk for church tomorrow. Big storm was coming and I needed to get some groceries and stuff...

But the spirit won... and I am so thankful it did.

While getting groceries - way too late at night - i picked up a card.

I wrote Meron a long message - asking for her forgiveness - and then I made her some new invitations and printed out a handful for her and colored them.

I stuffed them in the envelope, made a colorful name on the outside - and left it on the steps for her to find...

Way too early in the morning - I was awakened by Meron tapping on my chest, card in hand saying "Daddy... what is this? Who is it from? Can I open it?"

"Of course," I told her and I heard her scamper off to the bathroom.

A few minutes later she was back - grabbing my hand and saying "Daddy - come here..."

She took me in the bathroom where the card had been opened and she hugged me and said she did forgive me and then it was ALL about the show, and the time and what refreshments would be served...

This afternoon - the show kicked off as scheduled.

There was dancing. There was singing.

There were Oreos and Kool-Aid for refreshments...

There were even autographs afterwards.

And there was also this girl - smiling. So happy...

She may never remember this incident - just another apology from dad. Or - more likely - just another show with refreshments...

But I'll never forget it.

Meron... you have made me such a better person. I don't have much of a model to look back on when it comes to this parenting thing - so I am forever grateful for the grace you show me every day.

And God... may I NEVER be too busy, too prideful or too full of myself to stop and write those words above when I know they are needed to be said.

Thankful tonight for a relentless Holy Spirit that holds me to the standards I need it to...


Anonymous said...

This was beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your family and your grace with strangers. Your family is an inspiration to me.


Unknown said...

Oh man - thanks for those super kind words Tina... that's more encouraging than you know!