Monday, January 11, 2016

What Breaks Your Heart?

You don't have to be around me very long to know what breaks my heart.

The state of today's hip-hop... right? Heartbreaking.

Kidding. Well, kind of...

But seriously - I think I've probably made it clear on this blog and everywhere else over the last 8 years or so. It all started with that little dude up there and his short but DEEP life...

Two Sunday's ago Andy Stanley delivered a sermon that rocked our worlds.

Because even broken hearts can get stagnant and be in need of some breaking again...

And then that week - at our small group - we asked the question, "what breaks our hearts?"

And I really put some thought to it...

Orphans for sure. No doubt.

But over the years - it's become more than that.

As we dug our heels in and tried to get involved however we could... I started to realize it was the unbalanced resources in the world that helped create circumstances ripe for orphans.

That breaks my heart.

And busted up families and circumstances that that make adoption a viable solution... that breaks my heart too.

Hear me here - I absolutely ADORE my family and how God pieced us together... but I don't believe it's what He had in mind for families. The ripping apart of them.

Nope. Not at all.

I mean - I am beyond grateful that He modeled the very solution of adoption and that it exists - because if I really dig deep - I think the busted up family is what really breaks my heart.

And God knew that these busted up families - broken up for many different reasons - would need a solution - and adoption fills those gaps. But man... it shouldn't have to.

I hate the breaking up of families.

Maybe it's because of my own family growing up and what I saw and continue to see when a family breaks apart and doesn't place Christ as the focus.

Maybe it's the fact that there is no mom or dad in my own picture that has so furiously driven me to be determined to be better than that... that absence. To love and support. To walk through the hard stuff with care and compassion. To always talk it out and to choose my words so carefully in our house.

And to simply give our family absolutely everything I got.

Whatever the root cause of it all is... I think it's these kids all over the world - who just need to be LOVED - that really breaks my heart.

And it's been broken anew lately.

And the cool thing about a re-breaking of your heart is you can dive in with some learned experiences and adjust how ya get involved.

We pray regularly for that wisdom and discernment from Him in the areas He has focused us in to...

These guys right here are my lifeline. They keep me energized, alive and motivated.

And they pray pretty darn regularly some prayers of thanks - they say "Thank you God for giving me a family..."

That prayer gut punches me every time and is never lost on me.

Family is so important.

So... what is breaking your heart these days?

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