Sunday, February 21, 2016

He Can Do Big Things

That's a big number up there. And Mebbie's face describes how we all feel.

So much more info coming soon - but God has been pressing on us for quite some time to take Brighton Their World to that next level.

We were never sure just what that was - until slowly He started revealing to us that some amazing friends and partners had a very similar vision... for a SCHOOL.

And so that's what we're doing - we're opening a primary school in an of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia that has stolen our hearts.

You guys ever open a school? Us either. And we're learning it is no small task!

Thank God we have amazing partners in Ethiopia to walk through this with us. And as we learn more of the ropes, we'll be posting more and more here to keep you guys - our BIGGEST SUPPORTERS - in the loop.

Yes - Mebbie's number up there scares us... but ya know what?

You guys have been INCREDIBLY generous already and we've barely gotten started!

That number Meron is holding up is how much we have raised in the last week or so... and it has totally been faith money from amazing supporters of Brighton Their World because we haven't even been able to pull together all the info into a cohesive presentation yet... but it's coming!

And actually - in the 3 hours since we took those pictures - that number has jumped up by almost $2,000 more!

In the meantime - if you wanna help us hit that number Meron is gawking at - here are two things you can check out:

Laura has put together a needs list that allows people to sign up for certain things and claim them... check it out and see if anything stirs your heart!

Really ready to help out, right now? Go visit our donation page on the BTW website and get involved!

Man - we have so much more to share - so many details - so much excitement!

And it is coming - believe me.

But in the meantime... we're gonna just BELIEVE!

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