Thursday, February 18, 2016

Her Servant's Heart

Laura was cruising Facebook tonight - and she stopped at Meron's teacher's page. She often shares fun and positive stories from the day on there.

We read the above one and Laura commented "What a gift!" in regards to that student...

Her teacher commented back and said "She's your gift too!"

Come to find out - the student in the story was Meron.

We called her over and got the details on it... and one of the things I love about her big huge serving heart - is that she does it in a humble manner.

We would have never known about this if we hadn't stumbled upon that post.

Meron Asher... I can't even put in to words what it means to see you growing in to that big 'ole loving heart God gave you.

I learn things from you every single day - and I'm a better person because God saw it fit to put us in each other's lives.

Daddy loves you, girl!