Monday, February 1, 2016

Snow Prayer

Our good friend Heather came in to town for a visit this past Saturday.

Scracth that - Heather is family - so we had some family come in to town this past Saturday - you know that day when it was like 60 degrees and I was rocking shorts and a t-shirt?

She hadn't been here even 24 hours when she told us:

"Oh, I've been praying for some snow while I am here!"
See - Heather lives in Atlanta - and last week those poor kids were riding sleds on frost and calling it snow...

And Heather wanted to see some real snow... so pray she did.

Heather knows God well, it seems!

Cuz I think the snow angels heard her loud and clear!

So Heather got her wish and got to spend all kinds of time out in the snow with the goofballs since school got cancelled.

And I got home early because Compassion closed due to weather and Laura and I got have an awesome date where we shoveled the driveway for the fifth time in 24 hours!

And it's still coming down so #6 will be waiting for my in the morning I am sure!

Ya know what though? Look how stinking peaceful and beautiful it is!

Heather... I know ya had to re-book flights and are being forced to hang with our crazy crew an extra day or so - but I am digging the winter wonderland and am really glad ya got to experience some real deal snow!!

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