Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blessings, Prosperity and the Real Gospel

Ewww. Let's just get that outta the way now... EWWWW.

It's no secret where I stand on the blasphemous, dangerous false teaching of the prosperity gospel.

I wrote a few poems recently - here and here - that had some people super ill towards me and the family.

The truth of the Gospel can be that offensive sometimes...

I don't get riled up about a lot. But this? This I do.

And it's BAD lately.


So, there's nothing left for me to do except to speak to you,
In the spirit of Jude 3 and 2nd Peter 2,
And I know that some would label me a Pharisee,
Because today the only heresy is saying that there's heresy:
"How dare they be specific and drop some clarity,
On the popularity of the gospel of Prosperity"

- Shai Linne "False Teachers"

I mean - maybe it's ALWAYS been this bad and now we just have things like social media allowing it to seep into my world.

But I mean... I got folks that I used to respect and hold in high regard going straight bat $%#! crazy out there man.

Touting their stuff and calling it "blessings." Their STUFF!

And let me be super clear on something... I have absolutely zero issues with anybody pursuing anything they want to pursue. Go for it...

But here is where my skin starts to crawl...

When somebody rabidly pursues money, material things and worldly ways - and THEN they strategically weave Jesus into that pursuit and even worse - the claiming of it in His name.

Ya know... how He BLESSED them.

How much He loved them and He showed them this love through the prosperity and abundance He dumped on their worldly heads.

I call bull...

Turn off TBN, that channel is overrated,
The pastors speak bogus statements, financially motivated,
It's kind of like a pyramid scheme,
Visualize Heretics christianizing the American dream,
It's foul and deceitful, they're lying to people,
Teaching that camels squeeze through the eye of a needle!
Ungodly and wicked, ask yourself how can they not be convicted,
Treating Jesus like a lottery ticket,
And you're thinking they're not the dangerous type,
Because some of their statements are right,
That only proves that Satan comes as an angel of light

- Shai Linne "False Teachers"

I think I said it before... EWWWW.

The bible warned us about this. So many times. So clearly. This chasing of worldly ways... nope - we won't teach that 'round these parts, no way...

But what we WILL teach is a Gospel that preaches in every corner of this world. A gospel that looks like the truth the Bible gives us...

Jesus is not a means to an end,
The Gospel is He came to redeem us from sin,
And that is the message forever I yell,
If you're living your best life now you're heading for hell!

- Shai Linne "False Teachers"


Not money. Not wealth. Not prosperous abundance as we define success and "blessings" in America.

Not jumping up in the air, pumping your fists in front of the new car He gave you after you named it and claimed it.

Because if that WERE how it was measured... if His love and blessings were measured by the stuff we accumulate - what does that say for my friends and family in Ethiopia?

Well - clearly based on these prosperous metrics - they are loved less.

Thank God those who really know realize that this isn't the case. At all...

Tell me, who would teach you to pursue as a goal,
The very thing that the Bible said will ruin your soul, huh?
Yet they're encouraging the love of money,
To make it worse, they've exported this garbage into other countries!
My heart breaks even now as I'm rhyming,
You wanna know what all false teachers have in common? (what?)
It's called selfism the fastest growing religion,
They just dress it up and call it "Christian",
Don't be deceived by this funny biz,
If you come to Jesus for money, then he's not your God, money is!

- Shai Linne "False Teachers"

Don't get me wrong... I firmly believe that God does indeed bless us. Often actually...

I just don't think they look like what the world tells us they look like.

For example... infertility.


Makes no sense, right? Makes more sense than a fat bank account... to me at least.

Here's another one...

Blessed through the pain of death... not many of us are chasing that one, are we?

This blessing caused us to seek Him and in return we learned SO MUCH about Him.

Boy were we prosperous in that one.

And then He did this:

Deeply rooted in loss, pain, suffering, financial struggle... this BLESSING changed the entire trajectory of our lives.

Then there was this one - so much waiting, tears, heartbreak, pain, anger... all in abundance. What a BLESSING.

And then this little bundle of blessings. The stories we haven't even told around this little dude - stories full of pain, fear, confusion...


Or how about this blessing:

Tears flowing at the crossroads of one of the holiest places this world could provide - pain, buried hurt, anger, confusion and prayer...


And then... then there was this.

Fear. Confusion. Anger. Lost.

In the midst of all of that... HIM.

This blessing - not her healing - but rather this blessing of walking through this with HIM at our side - was the biggest growth in Him I could have ever had.

Ya know... hashtag BLESSED!

Man... don't chase stuff. You'll never have enough. Please... just don't.


Chase Him. Til ya face Him.

And THAT is where you'll find abundant prosperity and be able to claim #Blessed for real...

P.S. - I know I said we had some folks come at us sideways - and we did - but ya know what - we are really surrounded by close friends who are NOT chasing the world but rather chasing Him - KEEP GOING GUYS!!! We love every one of ya...