Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daddy... What Do We Have?

As we were pulling out of a popular local hiking area, I saw them sitting on the ground... a man and a woman holding a sign - not up and out - but kinda down, eyes avoiding people - looking ashamed and hurt...

About that same time Meron saw them too...

"Daddy!! Right there, right there daddy!"
She was feverishly pointing to them and practically standing up already in the van...
"Daddy... what do we have? How much do we have for them?"
This girl has been breaking my heart for those in need for as long as I can remember...

We pulled the van over and scrounged up $10. She and I hopped out when I heard a little noise from the far backseat:
"Daddy - can I come too?"
It was Mebbie.

She has watched her sister do this countless times and now she wanted in on it. And I wanted her in on it too...

The three of us went over to the couple and handed the man the money. He was OVER THE TOP thankful and the woman was just weeping.

We didn't make a show of it - just exchanged some "God Bless Yous!" and hopped back in the van...

About a half a mile down the road - in a busy intersection we passed another man with a sign that simply said "No Fingers..."

He was tough to get to from where we were and the light changed and we sped on through.

I glanced in the rear-view mirror and Meron was staring right at me as if to say "You know what you gotta do, daddy..."

I sighed... and I did it.

After we busted a u-turn and found some safe parking nearby - me and my two HUGE-hearted girls jumped out and played Frogger through some traffic out to the middle of the CRAZY intersection where the man was standing.

We handed him another $10 that mommy had discovered (and his sign was right - he had absolutely no fingers) - and this time we asked his name so we could pray for him. He said:
"My name is Nathan and this is my lucky day! This $10 is a lucky $10 and it's gonna be the start of something good for me!"
He then asked our names and said he'd be praying for us as well.

We told him to be safe out there and Frogger-ed our way back to the car.

Tonight - before bed - these two said some of the most precious prayers for Nathan - for his life, for his safety, for his well-being.

And then - their little brother - desperately trying to follow in the shoes of his big sisters - said the same kind of prayer.

And their daddy - listening so intently nearby - had to almost physically work to keep his heart in his chest.

Girls - in the midst of raising funds for the school in Ethiopia - it'd be so easy to be blind to the needs right beside us.

Thank you for being such amazing witnesses of the love of Jesus - to that couple, to Nathan... and to your old daddy too!

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Jennifer Delamarter said...

Wow. I think I'm going to cry. I was just this evening feeling very convicted of my own need to pray more. I know it's an area of sad neglect and disobedience in my spiritual life. Then I read this about your girls. Praying that your girls never lose their love for Jesus and the things He loves and their heart for earnest prayer!