Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Just Who She Is...

I was in a little bit of a car wreck yesterday...

It left my Jeep looking funky and stranded roadside in a blizzard.

And it left me sore from the airbags - but grateful to be alive. The outcome could have been so different (full story coming soon).

When we were putting the goofballs to bed, Mebbie asked me:

"Daddy - have you checked your closet yet? I made you something..."
I told her I hadn't but I would - we prayed with them, kissed heads goodnight and headed out...

When I got to my closet - there was this card for me.

Complete with a drawing of cars (about to wreck I think!)

Inside it said:
"I know that God is with you all times..."
And then - on the next page - it read...

"Daddy... I am sorry that you got in a car wreck.

I know God was with you in the car wreck.

I hope it doesn't happen again - but if it does, I hope it is me instead of you.

Jesus is with you."
Uh... whoa. I mean... wow.

I read it to Laura and our jaws dropped at our little 7 year old girl's heart.

Not done for show. Not done for her glory.

Nope... this card? This is simply who she is...

I went STRAIGHT back to her room - barged in, kissed her head and hugged her with all I had.

I told her I was floored by what she had written - but that I would NEVER EVER swap spots with her in a car wreck.

Mebbie - I promise you girl that you show me Jesus almost every single day in how you choose to live your life.

So thankful to be your daddy, girl...

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