Monday, March 7, 2016

Nutty God. Nutty Givers.

Whew. I mean... like... wow.

In the last short three weeks that we decided - while unprepared - to go live with the fundraising for the school God has placed upon our hearts... you guys have gotten downright NUTTY in your giving.

And now - because of your nuttiness - we're sitting at $20,953.64!

Wanna partner up with us to help provide a spot for education for 300 kids who deserve it like everybody else does?

We only need $12,027.08 to complete our build out phase so that we can turn this spot here:

Into the Brighton Academy of Excellence where it "just takes a little to learn a lot!"

Wanna help out? Wanna make a lasting impression on a kid? Wanna change the future for some bright students?

Check out the link below and help us invest in something that has an immeasurable return both here and in eternity...


And remember - it just takes a little to change a lot!

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