Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Super Dooper Brother Man

This little man right here... I just love him.

He daily gets in trouble for everything you'd expect.

Talking back.

Being defiant.

Antagonizing his sisters.

Terrorizing the dogs

Not listening to anybody.

But ya know what? He's being refined.

He's growing in to the kind of dude who's gonna be a SUPER DOOPER BROTHER MAN to his two sisters.

And refining can take time. And involve pain and growth.

And timeout.

I got so much faith in this guy - cuz I see his heart as much as I see his craziness.

His love for Jesus.

His desire to be a great brother and to love his mommy.

He is growing up to be the champion that God built him to be.

And I am SO blessed to get to watch it go down.

I love you, Z-Dogg. Daddy's got your back forever!

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HippyFitMom said...

So sweet and awesome pic!