Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Number 3,000

I was never gonna be a "blogger."

It wasn't my intention.

Nope - not me - I was just gonna share a few pics of Meron with family and call it quits.

Then - a few pics of Mebbie too. And oh heck... how about Z-Dogg as well.

And then - well - then I had something to say every now and then...


I was never gonna be a "blogger."

But this post right here is my THREE THOUSANDTH blog post since 2008. At least one every single day.

What the what..?!?!

I still don't consider myself a "blogger."

I just write what I'm thinking and sometimes... that ain't much!

Super thankful for my little homies giving me constant fodder to put out there.

Here's to three thousand more, guys!

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Your posts give me a sense of goodness and sanity amidst the silliness. I am a fan.