Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ready To Die

There he was - rocking nothing but his pull up, green flip flops and some skin in need of lotion - when it hit me...

"Dude looks like the cover of Notorious B.I.G.'s album!"

I'm sure all parents have moments like that - where their kids look like classic album covers - and right there in the kitchen - the idea was born...

Let's recreate some iconic, classic and awesome hip hop album covers with the goofballs!

We'll call 'em "CLASSIC HIP-HOP COVER COVERS" and it'll be awesome!

I shared these out on a lot of social media - but I'mma archive 'em here over the next bit cuz - well, let's be honest - they're just fun to look at!

So downstairs we raced - no time to waste - and had Z-Dogg study the cover for a bit and then bust his pose...

Dude was NAILING it!

If you don't know hip hop.... well - shame on you... but if you really don't - here's the original cover.

And here's Z-Dogg's Cover Cover!

"It was all a dream - I used to read Word Up! magazine..."

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