Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Mother Like No Other

It all started right here I think.

This image of Laura praying at the grave of our son... it's forever etched in my mind.

This spot right here.

A milestone spot really... one that could have (and truthfully would have) marked THE END for a lot of people and nobody would have questioned them otherwise.

But not for Laura.

Nope... this was just the beginning. This just solidified what God had put in her - she was built to be a mom.

And man has she shown it.

I am moved beyond words at the thankfulness I feel that our kids are being raised under this kind of Godly, unconditional love that I simply didn't know could exist.

She has probably impacted me more than our goofballs with the motherly love she shows.

Laura... on this day and every day - I am honored to be by your side and grateful for the motherly heart that God built you with.

Your family loves you, Mommy!

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