Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mission Minded Mommy

Last night - we dropped this mission minded mommy off at the Denver Airport to kick off her trip to Ethiopia to do some work at the school

It was past midnight before I had these guys tucked back in...

And through their sleepy little heads - they mumbled:

"We miss mommy already..."
We all did.

Cuz mommy is the glue that holds this camp together!

But we managed to get through DAY ONE okay (I think).

There were friends who took the kids for a while so I could go to some meetings for work... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Then there was that trip to the pool before the storms rolled in...

"No daddy, it's NOT cold!"

I dunno Meron - your sister may have some different input!

Or ask this guy here - who said to me:
"Uh... no daddy. I stay with YOU. That pool way TOO cold!"
I feel ya Z-Dogg, I feel ya!

So after some fun hanging out tonight - they're all sleeping and recharging to do it all again tomorrow!

Day one is in the books - let's see what Day Two brings!

P.S. - Laura and team HAVE landed and made it through customs just fine! Let the real work begin! Big thanks to everybody who has been praying for them

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