Sunday, June 5, 2016

Day 6: Coffee, Pills, Strikes, Spares and Angry Birds

The last few days I had been feeling something coming on and it felt like it landed square on my head this morning...

I woke up feeling like twice warmed doo-doo. I cancelled a lunch date with a new team member at Compassion. I even cancelled church for us.

But when mommy is gone - the show must go on. And I knew one thing that would help...


So you know where breakfast was held at.

I was starting to feel better with some coffee and sunshine in me - but i needed something more... this sinus pressure was the REAL DEAL...

One license scan later to make sure I wasn't gonna make meth - and the pressure was starting to subside.

Laura had signed us up for the "2 free games of bowling every day of the summer" program - so we decided to skip the pool and hit the lanes!

And this sassy trio was having a real blast!

Z-Dogg's running start from the seats to knock his ball off the kid-roller-down-thingie is something that has to be witnessed.

The dude scored a few strikes and I almost switched to his technique!

Mebbie was going for style... and although I never caught it in a picture - she has the rear foot slide out move down pat!

And this girl here celebrated several strikes and spares and even decided to have them remove the bumpers for the second game.


I still had school to do that is due tomorrow - and these guys are such awesome troopers and so supportive.

We went home afer bowling and all three of them took REAL SLEEPING NAPS for like 2 hours.

ONE: so I could get some school work done... and...

TWO: so we could go see a late movie and not fall asleep!

We all laughed at a well-done movie (especially if you've played the game) - and then came home to some chats from Mommy.

I think we see a light at the end of our tunnel...


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