Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 7: All The Little Homies and Glow Sticks

Today saw us feeling the pain of "no mommy" around here.

Dealing with some tough stuff at work and had to be there.

Very thankful for cool friends in the neighborhood who let the goofballs come run wild with them, fed them lunch and gave me a little window of time to get in to the office.

Trying to just get through the rest of the day - I forgot to snap pictures - so Meron lined everybody up on the couch and said: Daddy - just take our picture for the blog and make it say:

"All the little homies chilling on the couch getting ready to watch some TV!"
And so that's exactly what we did!

Oh - and then there was this:

I cut the lights out during bath time and threw a few glow sticks in the tub... they loved it!

Saw a friend do this and knew we had to try it.

Day 7 is in the books people... tomorrow... we Mommy again!

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