Tuesday, June 14, 2016

His Love Through Her (Meron Day 2016)

Today was Meron Day.

The day we were handed Meron 8 years ago.

The day some broken hearts started healing.

The love of her Father in her is FIERCE!

She's so loyal. She's so loving.

If you mess around and get loved by Meron... you'll know it.

She loves her brothers and sisters with a love that is unmatchable.


And then there's her mommy.

Her mommy had a broken heart on that 14th day of June 8 years ago - standing in the courtyard of an orphanage about to be handed our daughter.

Her heart was broken. I know it was - because mine was too.

Just so much pain from the last several years... but then...


He chose us to be the parents of this incredible, beautiful, loving, creative, hilarious little girl.

And almost immediately - our hearts started coming back together...

I know for certain God used her to help heal mine.

And this year - I could see this day begin to mean a bit something more to her too.

And I LOVE that.

Meron - as long as daddy has breath in his lungs - we will celebrate this day big every year.

MERON DAY 2016 - we love you big girl!

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