Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just In Case They Need It

These two coins are in my center console in the truck and as perfect as they would be in a vending machine - the center console is where they'll stay for now.

They remind me daily of how we're supposed to be.

A few weeks ago - the goofballs and I ran to Home Depot for some yard stuff.

On the way out we passed a woman in need - she had a cardboard sign, some bags... the whole thing.

Of course - our kids are like gigantic givers in this space and wanted to give and I felt bad to have to tell them I didn't have any cash....

Fast forward a few hours - we're home but loading up to go somewhere - when Mebbie says:

"Hang on - I'll be right back!"
She ran back in the house - emerging a minute later with her little purse slung over her shoulder.

She dug deep down in that purse and came out with these two quarters - which she handed to me and said:
"Let's keep these in the truck... just in case we come across somebody and they need it..."
And that's where they have sat since... at some point - some deserving person in need is gonna score them...

But for now...

They remind me of this girl and who she naturally is...

Mebbie - I am so proud to be your daddy and so proud of who you are!

Keep changing the world, baby girl...

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