Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Root, Root, Root for the Yankees!

Look who I got to hang out with today as we all took our inaugural trip to Coors Field to watch the boys of summer battle it out!

MONTHS AGO when we saw the Yanks were coming to Colorado for some of that silly interleague play - we knew we had to score tickets!

And we had a blast!

It was Mebski Love's first time in a major league park and she was loving it!

She had tons of questions - which I loved - with my personal favorite being:

"Daddy - are those security guards out there on the field?"
"Uh... no sweetie. Those are called "umpires."

And I mean... seriously... look at THIS:

What other park has a national forest in centerfield?

The Yankees may not have pulled off a win - but this day was a total win for me.

Girls - we'll do it again soon!

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