Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why Would We Have Questions?

These two girls are doing a reading club through the summer...

Getting books from the library and just churning through them!

Their last stash from the "Lie-berry" had some good ones...

Cultures of the World: Uganda


Foods of Ethiopia

All chosen by them - I love their expanded world view!

They also brought this one home:

I did a quick read and suggested to Laura we might need to be ready for some tougher questions after seeing some of what it touched on...

Tonight in the car - Meron told me she had finished all her books - including that one.

I asked her if she had any questions after reading it... she said:

"It said that at the end - that I might have questions and if I did I should ask my parents..."
I asked her again if she had any... she responded with:
"Why would we have any questions? You guys talk to us all the time about adoption and birth parents and stuff... and plus - we don't wonder about where we're from - we've been to Ethiopia - and we'll go again on more mission trips..."
And then... boom.

End of story.

She was on to the next topic of discussion - snacks at the pool tomorrow I believe it was.

I dunno why I doubt our sovereign God...

I mean we have prayed relentlessly for the hearts and minds and souls of these little goofballs.

So far... they seem to be doing just fine!

So thankful for this girl's strong confidence in who she is and what her identity is...

She's an unknowing model for two little ones watching every move she makes.

Meron... you blow daddy away on a regular basis girl... never stop being YOU!

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