Saturday, July 16, 2016

12 Hour Beach Bums

Check out this crew here - we love 'em like family!

Strike that... they ARE family to us!

They're in the middle of a home renovation and what do they say?

"Hey - come spend the night with us and let's all go to the beach!"

I love their selfless approach to life... so we came and crashed their world for 24 hours!

Thanks Katie for snagging this ONLY photo of us all (minus you behind the phone!)...

After hanging with them for dinner last night - we got up early and headed to the beach!

Had to get a "Shark's Eye View" of it all...


This girl right here was STOKED!

She's an ocean girl at heart who is living in the mountains... I kid you not - when we walked up on the beach she was weeping!

And check this out - Laura had posted some picture of us to social media - and come to find out a friend who had checked on Mebbie for us when she was in Ethiopia since her son was in the same transition home was vacationing at the same beach!

She recognized the area we were in and came and found us!

So cool to have an unexpected and impromptu visit!

It's times like this when social media shines and ya get to see the good side of it all!

After a stroll along the pier - the water rescue truck rolled up and let us know that lifeguards had left the beach and lightning had been sighted in the area...

It felt like time to leave - but we're already missing that salty breeze blowing off the ocean!

We gathered up three tired, salty but happy goofballs and called it a day... and about 12 hours after our morning journey started - we were pulling back in to Granny's house!

Thanks Seevers for entertaining us for 24 hours - count on this beach and Seevers crew - WE'LL BE BACK!

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