Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I'll Be Weally Weally Mad...

The other day - as most days go 'round this circus - Laura found herself handing out some discipline.

This time it was over a set of walkie-talkies and sibling rivalries - and her chosen punishment was "I am about to give these away to the neighbor..." and she took them and put 'em outta bounds.

A little while later - Z-Dogg showed up with two notes he had "written" for her...

Laura was so moved... she was about to experience a precious little moment with her bubba - maybe even a "written" apology!

He held the first one out and she asked him what it said...

"It says 'Please don't give away the walkie talkies..."
Laura smiled, thinking - "Here it comes..."

She asked him what the other one said...

He held out the other one said:
"If you do... I'll be weally, weally mad..."
Mic drop.

Dude wasn't sorry...

He had just delivered a written warning of his impending anger...

Give back the walkie-talkies... OR ELSE!

Thing is... dude LOVES his mommy.

And he gives some level 10 neck hugs too.

My guess is - a few hugs later and those walkie-talkies are back in action.

Well played, Z-Dogg... WELL PLAYED!

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