Friday, July 1, 2016

Too Legit... Too Legit to Quit

Well - it's official... we're legit!

Today we got the license approval in Ethiopia for Brighton Academy of Excellence!


It's kind of done in reverse there to what you might expect... a lot of the work is done up front and then the proper authorities come in and make sure all is up to par and they grant licenses.

Lots of prayers were going down around the world today - when Laura got that text from Nebiat that said:

"We now are officially a school!"
And of course Laura burst into tears... been a lot of that happening during this process!

HUGE thanks to everybody who has walked this road to this point with us - through financial support, prayers, traveling with us... it all means the world to us and your willingness to be used by God is one of the big reasons this is going to work!

So much more info coming soon - pictures, new website, Facebook page, collateral, ways to get involved... it's all coming!

But for now... we PRAISE GOD for this amazing story He has been busy writing... and we rest up for the work ahead of us!

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