Sunday, July 3, 2016

Works So Hard...

Meron absolutely LOVES to write songs.

Sometimes they are just short little ones - but she always brings her "house band" together to perform them for us...

Last night was no different as she plotted all day to have a surprise graduation party (more on that soon) for me since they'll be gone on my official last day.

Her lyrics - as usual - were awesome and almost had me crying...

She had me at "this guy..."

Here's how she sung it to me:

[sing twice]

"this guy works so hard,
this guy works so hard,

even if it's hard,
this guy works so hard;

he's busy every day,
but still makes time to play,

this song is for you,
we hope you like it too!"

This girl's heart for her daddy... man - she may never know just how much her love means to me...

She's a self-proclaimed "daddy's girl" and she pours out her love on the regular.

Meron Asher... I do not deserve a gift like you girl! But please know that every piece of this will be treasured forever girl.


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