Sunday, August 7, 2016

It Does NOT Look Like Me!

I picked Z-Dogg up from his Sunday school class today and he was carrying this drawing and pretty much wearing that face.

He handed the picture to me and said:

"This... does NOT look like me."
He was adamant about it too.

Not angry or upset - just being super clear that it did NOT look like him.

We asked him why it didn't look like him. His answer was priceless:

"It needs more hair... and more glue."

He makes a valid point...

I mean - I don't think I'd mistake the hairless (and clearly glueless) dude on the left with the shiny, happy Z-Dogg... EVER!

Nope Zechie - not even when ya try to wear it as your head...

I think you're right - it needs more glue!

You're kinda one of a kind Z-Dogg... no silly mini-haired dude lacking in the glue department can ever hold a candle to the real YOU!

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