Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Who Are We?

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of leading a devotion at Compassion and God really pressed our "Identity in Him" on me.

And lately - as we walk through some stuff as a family - we've been thinking about it a lot around this camp.

Tonight - I asked everybody if they had an "identity thief" in their life and if so what was it?

What comes along and tries to tell them that their value and worth is tied up in it instead of Him?

I got some good answers too...

Z-Dogg LIVES in timeout. Like... literally - the dude is 4 years old - wrestling with life, the world, control, his sisters, his parents... everything...

So he has a permanent residency in time out. And if we aren't careful... he may start to think that behavior is WHO he is.

Then there was Mebski Love. She thought about my question for a second and then said:

"Well... there was one thing from last year. Spelling... I wasn't really good at it..."
Thing is - girl is a genius speller now - but see how powerful these identity thieves are?

Snatching your value and worth like it ain't no thing...

Meron shared this with me:
"Me and my friend E were just talking about this... when we're in gym class and the teacher has us running and says 'Ready, set, GO!' - it feels like a race and we feel like we HAVE to do good and sometimes we don't..."
P.E. class... I have a feeling a LOT of identity thieves hang out there for our kids...

Turn your back on the thieves Meron!

And then there is this gorgeous hottie of a mommy.

One of the best, most intentional, most loving, selfless, amazing parents I know.

Know what tries to tell her she ain't worth a penny?


Man.. SHUT UP identity thieves!

Because you wanna know the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth?

Well, here it is...

Z-Dogg... you are only growing and maturing from your time spent in time out and it doesn't identify you at all.

Nope - little homie you are a PRINCE in the kingdom of God.


And Mebbie... you are a spelling wizard these days and even if you weren't... WHOPPIDEEDOODA!!

Because ya know what YOU are girl?


Believe that...

And you - you sweet little girl of mine...

Ain't no gym class or no race gonna tell the world who you are! NEVER!

Meron Asher, you are a:


Lock it in and lean on it Meron... cuz it's the WHOLE TRUTH!

And you... the very best part of US... the champion mommy of the universe... who loves her kids with her entire being - from her one in Heaven to her one in timeout...


You were made in His image... and you honor Him so, so well...

And then there's me.

Man - i got more identity thieves than I know what to do with... they cause me stress, anxiety, panic...

I talked about 'em all in this video - and if you're having a hard time falling asleep and need some help - give it a whirl:

So - as we continue to walk through some challenges as a crew - we're gonna try our hardest to fix our eyes on HIM - the ONLY thing our identity, value and worth should be wrapped up in...

What identity thieves are trying to steal your worth?

Call 'em out and move past em!

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