Saturday, August 27, 2016

Zoo With A View

We were blessed with some beautiful weather today as we took Granny to one of the coolest zoos around - the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

Somebody had a bit of a stink face going on to kick things off - can ya guess who?

One of the most awesome things about that girl though is this...

She shakes things off with the quickness!

And feeding the giraffes had her smiling big time!

Granny sprung for some lettuce and the feeding was on!

And I mean - come on - how could ya not be smiling with this guy around?

And when he tried to whisper something in her ear - that sent the smile over the edge!

These two here were having a blast as well!

On the way there, Z-Dogg looked at me and said:

"I sooo 'cited Daddy... are you 'cited too?"
Love watching the world through the eyes of these goofballs!

We got to watch this guy with the Africa-shaped ears take a dirt bath...

Don't get any ideas ya goofballs!

Mebski Love found herself in a staring duel with Cheddar - who can stare with the best of 'em!

Not sure who won - but all I'm saying is Cheddar got an ear rub afterwards and Mebbie didn't...

Granny sprung again for a ride on the world's fast merry-go-round!

That thing went from zero to light speed in like an instant - poor Mebbie was hanging on for dear life!

Afterwards - after hiking the ups and downs of the zoo - we all recovered with a little sweet treat-receipt action at Starbucks!

Guys... our life may be a zoo - but today it was nice to just be a spectator at one!

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