Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Summer of Water Coming to an End

I love this group of kids so much!

We're missing a few of them in here - but this crew hit the pool pretty religiously throughout the summer and hung out darn near daily!

It's a great group of kids that I'm so glad my goofballs have gotten to spend time with!

And today - we hit the pool HARD one last time since it closes down this weekend.

Pretty sure they were there for close to 6 hours or more... only stopping to scarf down some pizza in order to sustain life.

Despite some crazy rules and management drama - the pool has been a fun place to be this summer!

How could it not be with a goofball like this stomping around?!

And it wasn't just the kiddos!

The ladies hung out HARD as well - and I've loved watching Laura get to do community right where she lives - she's so good at it!

These moms and their kids have been a blessing to her (and me) for sure!

Z-Dogg kept "Mista Wocky" busy tonight for sure!

And this fish here - she insisted on staying until they kicked her outta the water!

And she did!

Everybody was gone (me and our other two included) when she finally relented and got out (likely by force)...

It's been an awesome summer of growing friendships!

Z-Dogg saw me getting this picture ready and he said:

"That's my friend! I love that girl..."
And I love watching all these friendships grow!

So what do we do now that the pool is closing down?

Seems only right that we figure out some kind of fall/winter way to stay connected!

I know we missed a few families out there tonight - you guys know who ya are and this all applies to you too - you have been an AMAZING blessing to our camp over the summer.

Thanks for being such great friends and such normal, down to earth, FUN people!

Can't wait to do it again next year!

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