Sunday, September 4, 2016

See None, Hear None, Speak None

The yell came from the living room and it scared me:

"Daddy! Can I change this - this is BAD! I don't wanna see it..."
See - sometimes I leave the TV on for the dogs to just have noise. And when I did it on a Saturday afternoon - it was fine - some sports event was on and I honestly didn't pay any more attention to it...

But when I rushed in after hearing Meron yell it was past 7:30 PM and the programming had switched up for sure.

Not even sure what it was - but it was dark and you could just tell it wasn't good.

A quick switch to Netflix and all was good - and I thanked Meron for doing what we keep asking them to do...

Protecting what goes in their eyes, ears, minds, hearts and souls.

We continually stress to these guys to be SO CAREFUL about what ya let in.

Through their eyes.

Through their ears.

Because once we start to not care - it finds its way into our souls and becomes part of who we are.

Go ahead... laugh at it if ya want...

But it's true.

And I bet - deep down inside - you know it and agree...

I know, I know... we sound like some crazy-Uber-Christian prudes...

But ya know what? I'll take that label.

My goal is to keep these guys from being beat down by the world for as long a I can and help them from being transformed to the ways of the world - ways that the majority of the world say are "okay - geesh - it's just TV. It's just Music..."

But I say... It's just their innocence.

It's just their spirit.

It's just their minds.

It's just their soul.

It's just everything that matters...

Stay strong homies - way to protect the innocence He built ya with!

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