Thursday, December 29, 2016

12 Days of Neck Hugging

Today - we woke up at a ridiculous hour to fly cross country and kick-off our southeastern Brighton Their World tour a.k.a. "12 Days of Hugging Necks"

We're so looking forward to spending the next 12 days sharing with as many people as we can what God's been up to through Brighton Their World - and hugging the necks of supporters, sponsors and friends whenever we can!

We kicked the whole thing off with a visit to the Lake City Classic basketball tournament - an event that chose to partner up with us to raise formula and awareness!

So thankful for these guys and their willingness to make a difference!

So - consider yourself warned... if you're a "Friend of Brighton" and we see ya...

Protect ya neck - cuz we're coming in for the hug!

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