Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Am Not Alone

This girl right here man... she seriously has one of the deepest and most faithful spirits I know.

The other night we had some good yet INTENSE conversations about Brighton, Jesus, God and our lives in general.

There were questions, tears, frustrations...

Later on - Mebbie came up and showed me this picture she had drawn after our conversation:

It said:

"I am not alone. I am doing this with God."

I asked her to explain the two pictures and she said:

"This one here is where I am sad just thinking about why Brighton died. And then this one over here is when I remember Brighton is with Jesus - and while I am still crying - I am not sad any more - I am okay because I know God has a plan and is with me."


This girl has taught me more about leaning into Him than any sermon series or book could ever show me!

You honor Him well Mebbie!

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