Saturday, December 31, 2016

So Long, 2016!

2016... you were a challenging one.

And maybe one day I'll process through ya in words... but tonight?

Tonight we were blessed to hang out with old friends like we used to do on New Years Eve and reflect on the awesomeness of a God who loves us.

And look at those kids up there... NUTS RIGHT?

Our crew has grown quite a bit but they haven't let distance change their friendships!

They're crazy as ever and we love every bit of it!

Guys - thanks for having us and making us feel like we never left!

We're SO BLESSED that God gave us each one of you guys and allows us to stay in each other's lives - regardless of where we sleep at night.

Now... let's go kick 2017's arse...


1 comment:

Donna S said...

Hey wait...weren't all you guys CHILDLESS when I met you ?!?