Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This We Love

Ya know what we love... A LOT?

Getting to meet folks who are sponsors, donors, prayer warriors and supporters of Brighton Their World!

It's like one of our favorite things!

Seriously - you guys have no idea how prayed over you are...

We take every penny, every prayer and every ounce of energy given to Brighton Their World very seriously.

And honestly - this visit - meant more than you could know... and then they even ended it with powerful prayer over us and BTW!

That's why our supporters are the best on the planet!

In a year when we've had some real live challenges with satan using folks to make us second guess all we do... this visit was like a soul massage.

If you're ever near us or we're near you and you've been supporting Brighton Their World - tell us because we wanna hug your necks!

Thanks for the visit guys!

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