Sunday, December 11, 2016

What Do You Want For Christmas?

This little girl right here is truly a special creation from a heavenly King!

When I went to pick her up from her class at church today - her teacher said that he had asked Mebbie what she wants for Christmas this year - and her response was:

"I just wanna get baptized."
Her teacher said "She touches my heart so much..."

Oh trust me... ours too!

Almost daily!

We have been having some amazing conversations with her lately about this - and we really think she is ready.

She understands grace.

She knows she lives a forgiven life because of Jesus and His sacrifice.

And the girl loves as close to loving like Jesus as anybody I have ever seen.

So we're trying to work out the details of it now - and whatever it ends up being - it will be PERFECT.

Mebbie - I think Heaven smiled at you today girl... I LOVE YOU!

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