Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Years Like... WOOSH!

That's my spot right there - the spot where I spend 8+ hours of my every day.


Today marks my 3rd year of working at Compassion International!

Honestly - I can't believe that time has gone by that fast!

I pinch myself daily that I still get to work at a place like this - with a mission that aligns with the beat of my heart...

And look - it's not lost on me that few people get to do something for a living that totally aligns with the heart God put in them.

I thank Him regularly for this opportunity and privilege.

Look at three years ago...

My two princesses in the lap of Jesus in our lobby!

And then touring Compassion and learning (right along with me!) about all they do and how they do it!

This is such a picture of the work that Compassion does... kids and Jesus.

Serving THEM because of HIM.

And allowing ALL honor and glory to point right back at Jesus.

Every day I walk through these halls and I see these pictures spread throughout.

Pictures taken with dignity as a priority... showing the smiling, beautiful faces of kids all over the world.

I'm reminded of my own kids... and I'm reminded of redemption... and what He did for me and all of us.

I'm not worthy of this... but I sure am thankful for the last 3 amazing years.

God... thank you for Compassion International and for allowing me to be a teeny tiny part of the big story You're writing through them!

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