Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Few More Necks Before Heading Home

So - the crazy icy weather threatened to derail us - and while it caused some cancellations (to be re-scheduled ASAP) - we did manage to get across ATL to another one of our favorite local churches that have supported the heck out of our family, our dreams and the story God is writing through Brighton.

Because - let's be honest - there were necks to hug!

This guy here has been one of our fiercest advocates for a LONG time! He has been on every single Brighton Their World trip and we are privileged to have him serving on our board.


Andy serves with the youth at Journey church and he gave us the stage to share about what God has been up to tonight.

Man... we love this body!

This banner hangs over the exit - and these guys LIVE this!

Like this group of awesomeness - who got together to sponsor a student at Brighton Academy!

Or these guys - who knew we had a challenge to overcome with transportation from Kebebe to the school and they stepped up and solved that problem for us!

Family - I KNOW we missed some folks and I bet we missed some necks - but we'll be back!

Thanks so much Journey and Eastridge Churches! It's a joy to serve alongside you guys!

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