Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dads... Date Your Daughters!

"Meron - do you have anything on your calendar for next Thursday?"

She looked at me confused... "What do you mean Daddy?"

"I mean... are you doing anything next Thursday right after school? And what about you too Debbie? You free?"

They ran through the week's events out loud and let me know they were indeed free.

"Would you girls wanna go on a date with me?" I asked them...


These kind of things matter.

So much so - that Meron ran down and found her calendar on her desk - marked the date and started crossing out every day as we marched towards it!

When I got home today - they had already put on dresses and were ready to go!

I threw on a button down shirt and my finest hoodie - and we were out!

Look at my dinner dates!

Cutest girls on the planet...

Of course it was Whole 30 non-compliant as we headed to Mexican - their favorite!

We had the best time - chatting about school, people watching, laughing and just being goofy!

And we had the best waitress - who knew we were on a Daddy-Daughter date and was so awesome to us all - she even walked the girls to the bathroom and went and checked on them and brought them back for me!

And then - of course we had to wrap it up with some ice cream!

All the excitement and fun hit us hard and we were wiped out!

We came home early and watched some TV together before bed time.

Man... there were a million other things I could have done tonight... but this one?

This one mattered so much and I wouldn't have traded that time for ANYTHING else!

Thanks girls... one day you'll realize just how much Daddy loved this - you thought it was for you... but it was HUGE for me too!

Dads... Date Your Daughters!

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