Monday, January 23, 2017

If She Had Just Had White Skin...

Meron has jumped head first into her research on Phillis Wheatly - the historical figure she'll be representing at her school's "Museum Night" here soon...

And the whole family is being blessed by it!

As Meron reads and learns more she continues to share more and more about this amazing lady!

Tonight - she learned a bit about how Phillis Wheatley was sold into slavery when she was only 7 years old.


That's a year younger than Mebbie!

Meron turned to Laura and said:

"So if she had the same name, was the same age and just had white skin this would never have happened to her... Her life was so hard."
Impossibly tough stuff for our girl to be learning - but she's digesting it well and understanding why it is we stand up and fight for injustices - no matter what!

I love how interested she has been in this and how she has really taken it upon herself to learn as much as she can... and school us all in the process! She's gonna do fabulous at Museum Night!

Never lose that passion for fighting for what is right, Meron!

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