Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My New Friend... David!

I was leaving the lunch area at the Passion 2017 Conference with some friends and co-volunteers when it went down.

The elevator doors opened and - BOOM! - there was David Crowder!

I ain't gonna lie - it caught me off guard (and I think him too) as I said "Hey man - nice beard!"

He looked at me and said "Same to you - you're my inspiration!"

We caught back up with him later and he graciously posed with me for a pic of our hairiness!

I said:

"Thanks so much man for the pic... I've been called 'Crowder' all day long!"
I loved his response... he said:
"Man... me too! I know what it's like to live your life..."
What a great dude and what a great God we serve who saw it fit to show me His sense of humor and allow me a pic of our beards hanging out...

Crowder... you're an awesome dude, with some awesome talent making awesome music in your awesome ministry!

Keep doing you!

Power to the beard!

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