Thursday, January 19, 2017

National Popcorn Day

Wait - what?

National Popcorn Day?

What is this tomfoolery? Isn't National Popcorn Day every Friday night in our house? And a few days in between?

I mean... you're looking at three professional popcorn eaters up there - how on earth did we not know about this day?

Regardless of all that - there was only one thing to do...

Head to Cole's Gourmet Popcorn shop and get our popcorn on!

There was Mebbie who went for the Oreo Cookie corn... GOOD STUFF!

There was Z-Dogg... who went after the Spicy Buffalo MIXED with Ranch!

And then there was the traditionalist - ole Meronator - who went with the "Buttery Popcorn"

We got to chat with the sweetest Popcorn Shop owner on the planet - talking about how her store is a ministry (it really is!) - and then she spoiled the goofballs with a trip to the "back wall" for even more goodies!

Thanks Cole's Gourmet popcorn for helping us celebrate National Popcorn Day in the best fashion!

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